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Filling your vehicle with the correct fuel is important, both for your engine's performance and upkeep, and to make sure you're not wasting your money. Many drivers think more expensive higher octane fuel (often labeled "premium", "super" or similar) is better for their engine and will give them better performance; in fact, your vehicle's engine is designed to work best with a certain type of fuel and paying more isn't always better.

What Fuel To Use

The best way to know what fuel your vehicle needs is to look in the owner's manual; the manufacturer knows what fuel their engines are designed to use. For the vast majority of vehicles, 87-octane or "regular" is what you need. This is the standard at virtually all service stations in Canada and the United States however, it is possible you could encounter other fuel below 87-octane; this should not be in a vehicle's engine unless specifically stated in the owner's manual. Using a higher octane fuel will cost you more without any benefit and sometimes can actually damage your engine by causing it to run less efficiently. If your vehicle's fuel door, gas cap and owner's manual don't indicate otherwise, you should use 87-octane fuel.

When To Use Premium

Vehicles that require premium or super fuel will have a notice sticker inside the fuel door indicating this. It's important to use higher grade fuel when your engine requires it as lower octane fuel could cause degradation and generally cause your engine to run less efficiently.

Premium Recommended

Some vehicles may have a sticker indicating that premium fuel is recommended. In these cases, you can still safely use 87-octane fuel but your engine will perform better on higher grade fuel.


If your vehicle has a diesel engine it's absolutely imperative that you only use diesel fuel. Gasoline will severely damage the engine, possibly beyond repair. Diesel vehicles will have a sticker inside the fuel door advising you to use diesel fuel and the gas cap will usually be green and say the word "DIESEL" on it. Diesel pumps at service stations will generally have a black handle and larger nozzle to differentiate them from gas pumps which can come in a variety of handle colours and have a smaller nozzle. If you're unsure, always ask a service station employee which pump contains diesel.

All the answers to your vehicle's fuel needs can be found inside the owner's manual however if you have additional questions or require assistance, the sales and service team at Wheaton Chevrolet will always be happy to help. Please don't hesitate to call us any time at (403) 347-3301 or message us on Facebook.

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The New Chevrolet Silverado 1500 arrived in spring 2022, featuring a mid-lifecycle refresh of the truck's exterior and upgrades under the hood and in the interior. For the first time ever, the Silverado is available in the ZR2 trim for the ultimate off-road capability and appearance.


Top new features in the ZR2 include:

  • Exclusive ZR2 interior with standard 13.4 inch infotainment centre and 12.3 inch driver information centre
  • Google built-in
  • Off-road cut front bumper, enabling an improved 31-degree approach angle
  • New steel bumpers designed for off-road strength, durability and clearance
  • Enhanced 2-speed transfer case with Terrain Mode
  • 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory® mud terrain tires
  • Underbody aluminum skid plate for additional off-road protection
  • Black chrome grille
  • ZR2-exclusive wheel flares

High Country

The New Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is also available for the 2022 model year in the High Country trim with new premium features. Top features include:

  • Super Cruise driver assistance system
  • 13.4 inch infotainment centre
  • Google built-in
  • Real wood trim & exclusive leather seating
  • Advanced trailering camera system with up to 14 views
  • Redesigned 12.3 inch driver information centre
The New Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is also available in other trims including LT, LT Trail Boss, LTZ, Custom, Custom Trail Boss, RST and WT. All models feature the redesigned exterior and upgraded features. Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, there's a Silverado for you.




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One of the most convenient features in modern vehicles is real time monitoring in place for various systems and features. The most common one you'll likely interact with is your Chevrolet's oil life monitoring system. Whether you drive a Silverado, Equinox or Blazer, the oil life indicator will keep you advised when your vehicle needs servicing. When you receive your certified service at Wheaton Chevrolet, your technician will reset any warning codes and indicators on your vehicle but if you choose to change your own oil or have it serviced elsewhere, you may need to reset the indicator yourself in a few easy steps.

Resetting The Oil Life Indicator

To begin, start your vehicle and look at the driver information screen located in the instrument cluster.

From the main screen, use the left and right navigation keys on the steering wheel to move to the information menu (indicated by the 'i' icon)

Once on the information menu, use the up and down arrow keys located on the steering wheel or the scroll wheel located between the arrow keys to move through the menu. Continue scrolling until you reach the oil life monitoring system.

Follow the directions on the screen to reset your oil life. In most newer Chevrolet models, this will require simply pressing down on the scroll wheel. When prompted to confirm you'd like to reset the oil life monitoring system, use the left and right arrow keys to select yes.

Your Chevrolet oil life indicator should now read 100%. If not, you may have missed a step; just turn your vehicle off and start again from the beginning. If you're having trouble resetting your Traverse, TrailBlazer or Malibu oil life, stop by our dealership and we'd be happy to assist you free of charge. For more information, you can always contact our service department.


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Modern vehicles are outfitted with so many features, you may not even be aware of everything your Chevrolet can do! If your vehicle features factory-installed remote start and heated/cooled seats, they can be programmed to work together.

5 Simple Steps

  1. From your vehicle's home screen, select 'Settings'
  2. At the top of the settings menu, find the 'Vehicle' tab
  3. Scroll down and select 'Remote Lock, Unlock and Start'
  4. Scroll down until you find 'Remote Start Auto Cool Seats' and 'Remote Start Auto Heat Seats'
  5. Make sure both settings are toggled on (the toggle indicator should appear green when on)

That's it, you're done! Now when remote starting your vehicle in cold weather your seats will automatically heat; in hot weather, they will automatically cool!

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